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Portable Sawmilling


Portable Sawmilling Involves:

Charges: $300.00 / 1000 bd. ft.sawmill4_2

This covers our labor and the Wood-Mizer Sawmill machine including fuel, blade lube, cant hooks, peaveys, and the change of saw blade usually every 500 bd. ft

You provide: two people for off-loading and stacking of lumber and slabs.

Save you money? A tractor on site will be helpful to keep things moving and the slabs from accumulating close to the mill or plenty of muscle. Also, a stack of logs neatly piled on sleepers for easy rolling onto the mill. 20″-30″ diameter logs will provide the most lumber for you. Browse some of our photos to get an idea of how you can help your project go smoothly and efficiently, and save you money too.

Less than ideal: Small diameter logs or logs with irregularities. This takes considerably more time to produce boards. Hourly rate is $70.00 in this case.

Nails out? Old fencing out? Bullet casings out? You’d be surprised at what we run into. A charge of $25.00 per blade for breakage due to foreign objects in a log will be added.

Schedule a consult visit: Each job and job site are different in the Western North Carolina area. We can only schedule the mill after visiting to inspect site and your log pile. Call Jeff at 828-628-1758