Cloud 9 Relaxation

Wood Products For Sale


Beams and Posts

Beams and posts in the popular sizes of 4×6 in and 4×8, also 6×6 in and 6×8 in are available.

White pine and hard wood lumber, air dried, is sold in 4in, 6 in, and 8 in widths and assorted lengths.

Call for pricing: 828-273-5507

saw lumber ends

white pine boards


saw lumber stacked

stacked for drying


saw beams



saw beam ends

good mountain air drys the wood


Locust Logs

Locust logs from our forest for strong, long lasting posts.

Give the rustic look to porches and outside furniture.

Call for pricing by the diameter and length.

locust post

locust logs from the woods


sawmill posts on porch

sawmill locust posts make a rustic porch


sawmill post swing

use your imagination


White Pine Log Beams

Ceremonial timber frame

Ceremonial timber frame makes a wedding venue on the farm.


White Pine log beams make for great timber frame or post and beam structures.

Here is an event area on Cloud 9 Farm.

Notice the unique slab benches.

Knobs and pulls from Mountain Laurel give those one-of-a-kind touches.

The laurel and rhododendron on Cloud 9 Farm is what makes our land beautiful. We don’t just go and cut it for selling. All laurel and rhododendron is salvaged from necessary timber cutting. clearing of fire trails or damaged from tree felling, it gets used for a higher purpose. Nothing goes to waste on the farm.

Call for pricing

sawmill laurel pulls_1sawmill knobssawmill laurelsaw laurel stacksaw laurel headboard

Special projects?

Whether you make clocks or tables, cutting boards or picture frames we can saw the wood for your special needs.

The ideas are up to you!

sawmill clocksawmill specialty woods