Cloud 9 Relaxation

Decks & Views


Layers of Mountains

You’ll want to investigate every direction for views and count the layers of mountains. Bring your camera for some fantastic shots from early morning mountain tops peaking through the mists to evening sunsets when the “blue” of the Blue Ridge Mountains is at its finest. This view is 100 yards away out the back door.

North, South, East, West Views


Expansive Deck with South View

This is the deck from which you will view the south valley below. Lights at night from a distant community of Fletcher will let you know that there are other people on this earth with you. Every room in the house, pointed in the other cardinal directions, will offer up its own unique postcard of the world.

Mountain Laurel View in May

If you want to see a complete panoramic view with the leaves off the trees, book November through March. If you want to be serenaded by the spring peepers and experience greenery unfolding, book in April. Fan of the native mountain laurel in full bloom? Book in May. Every season has it’s unique mountain view…and autumn, book asap, because everyone wants of piece of Cloud 9 then.

You can even have the views from the comfort of a living room couch or a swivel chair so you don’t miss a thing. The sliding glass door opens 16′ wide so you can enjoy our refreshing mountain air.

Views in every direction

view4lgEach of the three bedrooms opens up to showcase a south-facing valley view from sliding-glass windows onto a expansive 300 sq ft deck, the full length of the living area of the house. Partially covered, the deck also serves as a great outdoor eating area, even during a rain shower. You’ll feel like you are living outside yet with the comforts of home. Enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

View through the shade

Here’s a photo of what it looks like from the Blueberry Room looking out through a closed woven window shade. You can still see the view but people can’t see in. Isn’t that just the way you want it?

View from Buzzard’s Roost

We invite you to hike the trails to the apex of our Cloud 9 property where there are good views and a mailbox with a journal to record your innermost thoughts.

View from the highest point on Cloud 9 property


It’s about a mile to the top, a good walk with gently sloping stretches mixed in with heart-thumping climbs. But it’s all worth it to see the view. You can take a picnic lunch and enjoy the afternoon. Bring binoculars!

Catch a Rainbow

Keep your eye on nature at Cloud 9 because you never know what you’re going to see…a turkey strutting through the yard, deer at dawn, an interesting cloud formation, a plane with landing lights on so far in the distance it seems to hoover like a UFO or maybe even a rainbow!

Country Views

Or maybe it is pleasing to your eye to see pastoral views of cattle grazing in the green field, or a tended vegetable garden, or blue berry bushes planted all in rows for the summer U-pick we have in the valley.

The valley is where you nature lovers will want to be at dusk in the summer when the tree frogs start peeping, the bats put on a show catching insects over the pond and the bull frogs start up. Bring your jar to catch lightning bugs in the field! A small herd of cattle grazes rotationally in 5 different fields in the valley.

Are you one of those people who feel their stress dissipating by watching cows much and move and munch some more? Then, what are you waiting for? Book your vacation now!