Cloud 9 Relaxation



Though Heavenly Hideaway is facing the deep woods, with no other homes in site from your private deck and hot tub, there are many views from Cloud 9 mountain top. You can drive or walk the land to see different sites.

The apex of the property has a panoramic view. We call it Buzzard’s Roost.

Checking the mailbox at Buzzard’s Roost

Destination: “Buzzard’s Roost” It’s a little over a mile walk up the mountain. When you get there, sign the journal in the mailbox,(presently being replaced with newer), call your friends to tell them you reached heaven on earth, and just sit and take in the quiet!

View the water for a private picnic setting.

The brim are easy to catch!

Destination: Peterson Pond If you like to get your feet wet or swim, do so on a hot summer day right off the white sandy little beach. Or just sit under the picnic shelter and enjoy the sound of trickling water from the waterfall into the pond from the creek. Do you like to fish? The pond is stocked with brim and wide-mouth bass. Catch and release or eat them for supper. No fishing license required on our private property.

You’re invited to see the view from Cloud 9, too!

Our own Stone Henge on Cloud 9 lends mystery and magic to this place.

Destination: Cloud 9 Relaxation Home mountain top. You’re invited to walk up the hill to see the views, use the fire pit, and feed the chickens in the pen your table scraps (including coffee grounds).

You never know what’s over the rainbow at Cloud 9.

Plus lots of curiosities for you to discover.

Destination: Seventh Heaven, the owner’s home. You’re invited to enjoy the view from the deck.

Destination: Cows Yes, they are friendly, just cut up some apples and feed them. If a calf is born when you are here, you get to name it.

Newborn black Angus calf gets sniffed by another cow under the watchful eye of it’s mother..