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Beef and Chicken


IMG_6596 (1) IMG_6595 Cloud 9 Beef**SUMMER BEEF SALE**

We may be a small farm but we’ve got delicious grass fed beef we will share with you from our one steer this year. Selling frozen meat by package boxes to save you money.
We eat what we grow and like providing this service to the community as well. Wrapped in heavy mil clear and vacuum sealed to last up to 2 years.

Cloud 9 Meat Sales 2016; to order, call Janet 828-628-1758 or

20 lbs Beef by the Box ECONOMY Cuts
$158 = $7.90/lb
5 lbs Steaks
Selected from: Sirloin, Eye of Round, Cubed
7 lbs Assorted beef cuts
Selected from; Chuck Roast, London Broil, Stir fry, Short Ribs, Hanger, Brisket,
meaty neck bones
8 lbs Ground Beef
20 lbs Beef by the Box –PRIME Cuts
$192 = $9.60/lb
6 lbs of Steak:
Selected from: Filet Mignon, NY Strip, Ribeye, Sirloin, Flank, Flat Iron
6 lbs Roasts selected from: London Broil, Chuck, Rump, Tri-Tip
Assorted beef cuts: Kabobs, Brisket, Stir Fry, Marrow bone
8 lbs Ground Beef
8 lbs of Ground Beef (comes in 1 lb vacuum sealed squares, frozen)
$56 = $7/lb

Ground Beef $7.25/lb
Beef liver $2.25/lb , Brisket $6.50/lb
Freezer Sale 2016
Making room for new. Perfectly preserved last year’s meats in vacuum sealed clear
Half Cornish Cross $3.50/lb (5 left)
Heritage Chicken $12 whole (10 left)
If you’ve never tasted “real” chicken before, here’s your chance. These were dual
purpose breed Australorps raised for this purpose., young roosters, 20 weeks old.
Cook at low temps, covered or use as a stewer.
Feet $3/lb (2 packs left, will have more fresh)
Turkey offal: For broth packaged in easy-to-use 1 lb, neck, gizzard, liver $1
Ground Beef $5.50/lb
(5 or more $5.25/lb)
Dog Bones $1.50/lb
Beef Fat $1.50/lb
Tongue $4/lb

$4.00 Soup (Marrow) Bones

$3.00 Liver

$1.75 Fat for Tallow

Make checks to “Cloud 9 Farm”


We raise our own broilers (Cornish Cross) chickens in the summer that are pastured-moved on fresh grass twice a day. We started out raising meat for our freezer but enough people inquired and wanted us to raise it for them, too. We have our meat handler’s license and process our own chickens here on the farm, where we give them a good life up to the last 15 seconds!

Chicken…by the half or whole ($4.25/lb) We use Food Saver heavy clear mil bags that we vacuum seal. They last up to 2 years in your freezer.

Call for pick up on the farm. 828-628-1758Image 54 (1)IMG_6745 DSCN1375