Outdoor Weddings in Asheville, NC

So, you are looking to save money? Have your wedding just 20 minutes outside of Asheville in the Fairview countryside and pretend you are on your own, private “Biltmore Estate.” Several beautiful venues here on Cloud 9 Farm for the DIY wedding. Not only weddings but Peterson Pond is available for a wide variety of business picnics, family reunions or birthday parties in the summer. We provide the setting, you provide everything else.

1. Cathedral in the Woods (or we call it “Stump Henge”) consists of a beautiful copper-topped timber framed arch in the woods across the stream from the pond. Stumps are lined up in a circle for sitting or we have 25 white plastic chairs and wooden benches you can arrange. We’ve had weddings of 10 people to 200 people standing and sitting in a cozy embrace of support for the wedded couple. Great ceremonial area. Cool in the summer shade. Electrical outlet. Parking close by. Walk to Peterson Pond for the reception.

Outdoor ceremony setup with wooden arch, white chairs, and log seating arranged in a forest setting.
Cool and shady “Cathedral in the Woods” for your back-to-Nature wedding.
A black lantern hangs by a pond with a tent and people in the background surrounded by trees.
Peaceful Peterson Pond Wedding

2. Peterson Pond has been used for recreation and relaxation by our family for years. Summer afternoon sun is shaded by the trees. You can set the alter near the stone waterfall, under the Chestnut Tree, or on the sandy beach. You can enter from the blueberry patch or from the gateway. You must come see the venue for yourself to see what a large space it is and how you can define it with a 40’x60’ tent, rented chairs and tables or hay bales.

3. Cloud Relaxation Home Deck has seen many weddings and receptions. It has the long-range mountain view, seating with our white chairs on the deck with the sliding windows opened wide for seating in the shade. Or choose the beautiful brick hearth for a backdrop to your vows. By renting Cloud 9 and Heavenly Hideaway cabin you will have a place for guests to stay, you to primp, and the private cabin for your honeymoon so you can still stay and visit with the family that has come so far to see you.

4. Rent the Whole Farm! Yes, that means you will have access to both vacation rentals, Peterson Pond and rustic camping for your friends that don’t want to go home after the wedding. We can discuss this more when you come to see the farm.

A wooden arbor decorated with purple ribbons stands in front of a pond, flanked by two large green ferns in white planters. Trees and a wooden structure are visible in the background.
Outside weddings with a mountain laurel arch give it a rustic touch.

What We Provide

We know that simpler is better, so you can have a rustic chic, DIY, wedding near Asheville, NC. Peterson Pond at Cloud 9 Farm serves as a wedding AND reception venue. YOU are the wedding planner. That’s what DIY is all about-to save money. But we do have suggestions for local wildflowers, local photographers, local caterers and local wedding officiants.

We have a beautiful, handcrafted mountain laurel arch made here for you to decide where your focal point would like to be. We have suggestions. The natural slope of the land is a great place for the chairs facing the water and you!

Two entrances-one for the caterers to get close and one for the wedding guests, with special close spaces for the elderly.

Guests will enter through the flat field that starts at the mailbox and is a great place to put your sign. The field leads to a gravel parking lot for 35 cars then the field parking area is for overflow parking of another 40 cars.

Go through the arched entrance to the flat, grassy area where you have several choices of where to put a tent. A 40×40-foot looks nice, so does a 40’x 60’ to hold 100 people seated at round tables plus serving area. Tents, chairs, tables, dance floors, sound equipment and staging can be rented through our recommended vendors – just talk to Janet.

You may bring your own tent(s) to also set up at no charge. Plenty of parking for 75 cars with overflow in another field. We have extra portable tables and chairs that you may also use.

You will have access to all the lawns around the pond, a timber framed 10’ x 20’ pavilion with 2 oak picnic tables, hand-made slab benches and rope-lit ceiling, fire-pit area with stacked wood, fire starter and seats and horse-shoe pits.

Peterson Pond has a waterfall at one end and a dock at the other with a sandy beach in between. Yes, we do use it as a family swimming place and you will need to decide if you are going to allow that (with a hired lifeguard) or have it off limits. One couple even used the paddle boat for a fun “Just Married” get-away. Other parties have brought remote controlled speed boats for a diversion at the reception. Floating flower bouquets can decorate the pond, too. In the flat area an optional badminton or volleyball net can be reserved. There are also hiking trails to the garden, cow pasture and blueberry fields.

A newly added croquet court (that you could put volleyball on) has all the mallets and balls in a wooden cupboard kiosk right by the court. Also new is the Bocci ball court. Mid-century original Bocci balls are there for you to use along with directions for play. Swimming, fishing, horse shoes, badminton, nature trails can entertain your guests. For weddings, there is a gravel parking lot for 75 cars with overflow in a field, can accommodate up to 200 people, area for rental tent is 40’x 60’, 5 tables, 25 chairs and trash cans provided, catering/handicapped separate entrance, fire pit area.

Nearby, in the woods is a copper-topped, timber-frame cathedral surrounded by wood chips for a floor and wooden benches/logs for seats for a more rustic event. “Stump-Henge” Unique! Come and preview! Better yet, think about renting the whole farm with the 4 vacation rentals. That way everyone can be here, pay for their own accommodations and curfews can be extended.

We supply up to three 6-foot rectangular portable serving tables, one 60-inch round table suggested as a gift or cake table, 25 white stackable chairs, four (4) garbage cans and bags, (with designated recyclables in one) directional signage for parking, one parking attendant and host person.

Optional for a small charge: a 10×10-foot tent, a podium, the paddle boat, a fire layout, tiki lights and fuel, ashtray sand pot on a stand can be requested. 3 electrical outlets are available for your lights and music. Two 20 amp circuits at the tent area, one 15 amp at the Pavilion, one 15 amp at the cathedral in the woods.

An outhouse is also available (suitable for up to 80 people) along the edge of the property in the blueberry field as well as a “Use Yer Foot” handwashing station and table. You provide toilet paper, paper towels and any hand sanitizer. There is no potable water at the event area. Bring electric candles to decorate the outhouse if you want.

Portable toilets can be contracted for use to set near the outhouse area. We will sit down and discuss the details once you decide where to have your “I-dos!”

What You Bring

  • Signage: We suggest balloons or your own, personalized signs placed on the road for directions.
  • Decorations: Balloons and ribbons may be tied to the metal frame of the 10×10 ft. tent or to the rafters of the picnic shed. Candles must be enclosed in glass or metal containers and placed on bases that prevent them from being spilled over or use battery candles. Tiki lights can be used. Rice, confetti, party string or sparklers are not permitted at Cloud 9 as they may present a danger to the property, wild life or other guests. Preferred are bubbles, flower petals, bird seed or similar biodegradable materials.Since you may want to have the outhouse available (suitable for up to 40 people) with or without a portable outhouse, you can decorate the inside with battery operated candles and perhaps a tent over the entrance with a table hand-washing station. A hanging mirror is a cute touch. You provide paper towels and any hand sanitizer. There is no potable water at the event area.
  • Food: We have a list of caterers or bring your own food on site. No restrictions.
  • Music, Flowers, Officiant, Photographer: We have suggestions but this is your day, do what YOU want.
  • Preparation: Time for set up the day before (4 hours) is given unless another event is scheduled.
  • For stand alone events: You will have from 10 am-11 pm for your wedding.
  • Event End Time is considered to be the time that the Host closes the gate (no later than midnight). Cleanup/tear down time must be included in that time period.
  • Rent the whole farm: the land, the 4 vacation rentals giving you plenty of time to decorate and have pre-wedding fun.
  • Camping: Rustic camping in the event area or in blueberry field is available when you rent the whole farm. One electrical plug in for a camping RV is also available.
  • Alcohol: The serving and/or use of alcohol involves another insurance package and contract. We can discuss. Otherwise, it will be assumed that the Client and Guests are aware that this is a non-alcoholic event.
  • Insurance: We suggest WedSafe as a low cost policy.
  • Smoking: Smoking is permitted at the outdoor event in designated areas.
  • Cancellation Policy: More than three (3) months prior to contracted Event date. Further details will be given upon contract.

What Will It Cost?

Weddings/ Family Gatherings/ Business Picnics
Prices start at $500-$2250. Peterson Pond/Event Area is available for a wide variety of social or business functions as a stand alone event area or in conjunction with cabin rental for best discounts.

Rest assured that we know you are on a budget. We want you to have the best DIY wedding possible.

Contact Janet for more details 828-628-1758

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