Honey for Sale

Yes, we have honey for sale by the pound and half pound. Raw and unfiltered. Straight from the honeybees on Cloud 9 Farm. Delicious!

Prices range from $7-$15 to $35 for a quart.

No, we don’t have Sourwood honey separated out. We have very few Sourwood trees in our neck of the woods to make a mono crop but all the wildflower nectar is mixed together for a yummy honey.

We don’t have comb honey. We spin the honey out of the comb and give it back to the bees. We feel it stresses the bees less if they don’t have to start all over again to build comb.

We do have “liquid honey!” While supplies last!

Do you want to go in the hives with Beekeeper Janet? Tours available.

Do you want your kids or grandkids to learn about honey bees through props, play-acting, pictures and drawing? Former elementary teacher, Janet, will lead a 2 hour class. Ages 7- 14.

Call for pricing.

A woman stands beside a display of honey products labeled "Bee Babe Made" and a Cloud 9 Farm banner listing various farm activities and products.
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