Pet Friendly Cabins in Asheville, NC

Well-mannered dogs and pets make us happy to offer our rentals again and again as pet-friendly.

Take your pet with you on your restful, rustic North Carolina vacation at Cloud 9 Relaxation home in Asheville. Our woodland vacation rentals feature a diverse landscape and wide runs so you and your pet can enjoy hours of playtime in a rustic escape.

On leash or off leash, your dog will be so happy you brought him/her along. There are so many smells to investigate. It’s not just the rabbits and squirrels that you have about anywhere, but watch your dog’s nose quiver picking up the trail of the passing wild turkeys that like to preen themselves in the open driveway, or the deer the in the early morning dawn that like to munch on the landscaped hydrangeas, or even a passing black bear that checks to see if corn on the ground got mistakenly forgotten by the chickens when the owner fed them.

“My dog made snorting sounds I’ve never hear him make before just out enjoying nature here!”

A young girl wearing a pink jacket holds a small dog with a blue collar, both looking off to the left with greenery and trees in the background.
Beautiful Spring Day… just you, your dog and Cloud 9 in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sarah and “Blues” say this is better than “Disney World!
  • You don’t have to drive anywhere to walk your dog, just head out the back foor to a couple miles of well-kept nature trails on Cloud 9 Farm.
  • Does your dog play fetch? We’ve got a woods full of sticks. Or do you have an automatic dog ball launcher? There is plenty of open space here to play with your dog.
  • Down in the valley (a half-mile walk) we have Peterson Pond…a great swimming hole for people and dogs.
  • “We like to throw a tennis ball in the water and watch our dog swim to fetch it. Then he would get out and run around the pond like a maniac!”
  • Has your dog ever met a cow? We can provide that experience -through the non-electric part of the fence, that is. Cows are naturally curious and might even give your dog a kiss!
  • We do have chickens in cages a short distance away just so you know. No chasing allowed!

Our visiting pet owners are always diligent about preserving our valuable landscape and cabins to make a beautiful vacation for all. Contact us today to reserve your pet-friendly cabin.

Dog Policies

We want common sense to guide you instead of a lot of “Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. If your dog sheds a lot, please bring a pet brush and cast that “second dog” ball of fur to the wind. Brush your dog before you come, too.
  2. Pooper Scoopers NOT needed. You’re on a farm, remember. A shovel is provided if your dog goes in the yard, scoop it with a throw to the woods but heck, if you’re in the woods, that’s even better. If you bring those baggies, please don’t use them. We believe in natural composting without the help of the 1000 year life of plastic.
  3. We do ask that your dog’s nails be clipped so they don’t dig into the wood floors with the polyurethane finish or scar doors with jumping up.
  4. Our expectations are that all responsible pet owners have solved the flea problem, right?
  5. Where does your dog like to sleep? We hope it’s a crate, bean-bag chair or blanket that you bring.If your dog sleeps with you, you must bring your own bedding.
  6. No dog that shows they miss you by chewing on furniture or doors may stay unattended in the house. You must bring your own toys, a crate, use the outside kennel or hire a dog sitting service if they are chewers or they are not used to you leaving them for a few hours.
  7. Be aware that besides squirrels, there are cows, chickens in a pen, wild turkeys and deer passing through, and, about twice a year, a black bear is spotted on the property. (Remember that we have 200 acres and are in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC.)
  8. Bears? This has never been a problem, not even an encounter, just a distant siting, but we must bring it to your attention. (See more on Black Bear Page.)
  9. Bring covers for all furniture that you think your dog may jump up on. Bring a towel for your dog’s feet that must be wiped after being outside in wet grass or gravel. If your dog has many whiskers you may need to wipe after drinking or eating to prevent stains on furniture.
  10. As clean as your dog may be, the maid is always hired for an extra “Spring Cleaning” after a canine visitor. That’s where the pet fee goes. Thank-you!
Two dogs are in the image. One dog is inside a metal crate on a blanket, and another dog is outside the crate, walking past it. The scene is indoors near a window with blinds.
Dogs feel safe when you bring your dog crate on vacation.
A pair of hiking boots is placed next to an elevated pet feeding station with two stainless steel bowls on a wooden floor.
Be sure to bring your pet’s familiar food and water dishes to Cloud 9.
Three shaggy dogs walking through a forested area with fallen leaves and trees in the background.
Let the Wild Rumpus Begin.

Treats, Sitters, and Pet Emergencies


  • Bone-a-Fide Bakery (828) 669-0706
    Located in downtown Black Mountain on Cherry Street stop and get a free dog treat sample (and water). They have crazy, unique artwork for pet lovers, too.In fact the whole town of Black Mountain is pet friendly and the quaint gift shops don’t mind if you bring Fido inside. Sitting at the outdoor cafes with your pooch is seen all the time.
  • Three Dog Bakery 21 Battery Park, (828) 252-1818
    Asheville’s gone to the dogs. Three Dog Bakery is the nation’s leading producers of the best all-natural foods and treats for dogs. If you don’t walk away with a personalized “Dino” bone, Strawberry Cremes, or Golden Peanut Butter filled cookies (and yes, you CAN eat them yourself) you can get their Three Dog Bakery Cookbook to take home and make them yourself.


We are lucky to have ample care facilities within 5 miles of Cloud 9 Farm.

Need to stay out longer? Contract with us for just a few dollars and we’ll walk your pets around the house or feed them– so you can squeeze in a little more Asheville fun time and not feel guilty.

Emergency Contacts

One of the things you must weigh when vacationing with your pet is that they MAY get sick, then your vacation suddenly gets expensive. We would encourage you to have an emergency plan. Here is ours:

  • Cane Creek Animal Clinic 828-628-9908
  • Fairview Animal Hospital 828-628-3557
  • The Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital (R.E.A.C.H), a full-service veterinary medical facility for immediate care, is 15 miles away, 677 Brevard Road, Asheville, NC 28806 828-665-4399
    Monday-Friday: 5:00PM-8:00AM
    Saturday and Sunday: Open 24 hours
    Holidays: Open 24 hours

About Bears

Do you have bears?
A: We have to say yes to black bears – but NOT brown (grizzly) bears. Once in a while a bear passes through, and that’s why Cloud 9 Farm honeybees in the valley have an electric fence around them.

But have bears ever caused a problem for people?
A: No, no encounters, except from a distance where the bear and human looked at each other from about 400 feet away, then both went their separate ways.

If you encounter a bear:

Bears usually avoid humans. But if you do encounter one, it’s important to remember that they are powerful and potentially dangerous animals.

  • If the bear is not paying any attention to you, slowly and quietly back away while watching the bear to make sure it isn’t following you.
  • If the bear obviously knows you are there, raise your arms to let the bear know you are a human. Make yourself look as big as possible. Speak in a firm but non-threatening voice while looking at the bear and backing away.
  • Watch the bear to gauge its reaction to you. If a bear huffs, pops its jaw or stomps its paws on the ground, it wants you to back away and give it space.
  • If the bear continues to try to approach, stand your ground and be aggressive – use your whistle or yell, stand tall, wave your arms and throw objects.
  • Do not run or climb a tree. Bears can run faster and climb better than you.
  • If the bear makes contact, fight back with everything you have.
A black bear sits on the forest floor surrounded by green foliage and ferns.

Like we said, Black bears have never been a problem at Cloud 9 Farm which is surrounded by residential neighborhoods, lowering the risk, unless 200 acres away someone is tempting them with bird feeders or garbage.

Here are some precautions we thought ANYBODY should know who hikes in the forest:

Bear attacks are rare, very rare. You are more likely to die in a car accident on the way to your hike. You are more likely to get struck by lightning. Most bear encounters happen when the bear’s natural behavior of avoidance changes to aggression because:

  • You surprised the bear and you are considered a threat – when hiking alone, you tend to be more quiet and can accidentally sneak up on a bear. By hiking in groups and carrying on conversations, you will alert animals to your presence. You don’t need to yell, whistle, or ring bells, but don’t be silent.
  • You are considered a threat to young cubs or food – accidentally getting between a bear and her young is a bad situation. Whenever you see a bear, assume that there are young around or the bear is feeding. Don’t go any closer and keep your eyes open for cubs.

Other nearby pet-friendly places

The NC Arboretum is 25 minutes away, off the Blue Ridge Parkway Parking and is $8 per personal vehicle (free the first Tuesday of each month.) They have more than 10 miles of hiking and biking trails adjacent to the Bent Creek Experimental Forest. Dogs on leashes are permitted on the grounds, but not in some garden areas.

Biltmore Estate Allows Pets. George Vanderbilt had a dog named Cedric, a St. Bernard. Take your pooch to see him (his statue) outside of Cedric’s Tavern and toast pet friendly hikes on the estate with a Cedric’s Pale Ale while you sit around the green listening to music at Antler Village. You can’t go in the Biltmore House, of course, but “yes” to the beautiful grounds with a leash and baggies.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Fresh air for you and your pet…why not show your dog the highest mountain on the east coast by following the Blue Ridge Parkway north for 45 minutes from Cloud 9? Dogs are allowed on leash on over 100 different trails. Pisgah National Forest and Nantahala National Forest allow dogs on the hiking trails.

In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park dogs are allowed in campgrounds, picnic areas, and along roads, but are only allowed on two short walking paths—the Gatlinburg Trail and the Oconaluftee River Trail. Why? The Great Smokey Mountains National Park has prohibited dogs in the back country since the park was first established in the 1930s.

Some precautions to take with your pets while vacationing

  • Dogs can chase and threaten wildlife, scaring birds and other animals away from nesting, feeding, and resting sites. The scent left behind by a dog can signal the presence of a predator, disrupting or altering the behavior of park wildlife. Small animals may hide in their burrow the entire day after smelling a dog and may not venture out to feed.
  • Pets may become prey for larger predators such as coyotes and bears. In addition, if your dog disturbs and enrages a bear, it may lead the angry bear directly to you.
  • Dogs can also encounter insects that bite and transmit disease and plants that are poisonous or full of painful thorns and burrs.

Vacationing Pet Photos

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