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Mission Statement

Cloud 9 Farm Saw milling, LLC takes pride in maintaining healthy forest land in order to provide quality wood products for use on the farm and for out-sourcing to the community.

sawing stickers_1

Precision sawing of “stickers” to space lumber.

sawmill in woods_1

Staging area for this job is in the woods, right were the logging was done.

Located on Bob Barnwell Rd, the “Sawmill Road” in Fairview, Cloud 9 Farm is bringing back the tradition from the late 1940s-1960s when ol’ Bob himself was the best sawyer with a rotary mill in the area. Then followed his son, Bud, now deceased and that sawmill is no longer in service. So, in the tradition of the Barnwell Family, our next door neighbors, we have the new-fangled Super Hydraulic Wood-Mizer LT40 band-saw. Cloud 9 Saw milling offers this service, once again, to the community.

Got logs?
A flat place?
Have some off-loader help?

We can pull our portable saw mill right up to your place and turn your “logs to lumber” as Wood-Mizer Saw millers say.

We charge by the board foot ($.30/board foot) or by the hour depending on the size and straightness of your logs and a $75 set up fee.

Custom saw milling is what we do best and we are willing to take the time to get exactly what you want for the use you need.

Call Cloud 9 Sawmilling 828-273-5507