Beds, Berries, Trees…Beef and Honey Bees!

Cloud 9 Farm in Asheville, NC

Cloud 9 Farm is located a short drive from the Biltmore Estate and Asheville on our private mini-estate in the countryside with 200 acres of wooded nature trails and bottom land. A great, scenic spot for your rustic wedding, too.

This Peterson family hobby farm of the 1960s-1990s has been transformed into a sustainable business by the resounding determination of the family vision to create a sanctuary from the frenzied world for all of us who need a recharge. When you come to Cloud 9 to vacation we hope you will be delighted to see undeveloped acreage so you can enjoy the natural land like we do.

Cloud 9 Farm is owned and operated by Janet Peterson and a whole lot of helpers.

baling hay
A view of Cloud 9 Farm from the road
The farm as seen on the headboard in the Master Bedroom at Cloud 9 Home
view Little Pisgah_1
Mountaintop Views!

“Beds, Berries, Trees… Beef and Honey Bees… and don’t forget the chickens and turkeys!”

That’s our jingle to sum up what we do here at Cloud 9 Farm.

Beds (Four Vacation Rentals):

Berries: U-Pick Blueberries in late June/July/August

Trees: Sawmilling on the property when we have the labor

Beef: Naturally raised Black Angus beef. Seasonally. (We keep the breeders.)

Elsie the Cow with Baby Helen
Elsie the Cow with Baby Helen
cows grazing
Cows grazing
Grazing cow


Honey Bees: Needed for pollination on the farm, “Products from the Hive” by BeeBabe Made are sold seasonally. Honey, wax, skin care products.

And don’t forget the Chickens ! When you stay on the farm you are supplied with fresh eggs if the chickens are in the mood! We like chickens because they keeps the bugs away. We also sell Cornish Cross chickens for good eating in the summer. Pre-orders in February are important for us to know how many to order to raise.

What is the history of the property?

C9 mailbox_1
“Rockin’ it!” down by the mailbox

Fifty odd years ago this two hundred acres of wooded mountain land with a few farm-able valley acres was planted with tobacco and corn. The rugged mountain land surrounding the valley was logged by horses and mules for the best hickory, oak and walnut trees to go to Bob Barnwell’s sawmill for sale and to construct local barns and houses. Then a neighbor’s run-away leaf pile fire raced up the side of their mountain and down this side, blackening the underbrush and burning remaining trees when the Peterson family purchased it. What a mess it was. So it didn’t become “Cloud 9” right away. Many years of a lot of hard work to restore fences, plant new trees, turn the corn field into a blueberry patch, dig a irrigation/fishing pond and restore run-down pastures kept the dream alive of a creating that place of refuge.

The family retirement home, originally built in 1970, was ahead of its time with hardwood floors, quality building materials and passive solar features, making for shady summers and sun-warmed winters. The family continues the upkeep of this “hobby farm” and takes the stewardship of the land seriously. Newly remodeled and updated, the home has been tastefully decorated with mountain fine crafts, handmade in the area. It is an eclectic mix of the old and the new and we like it that way. You will enjoy the peacefulness this property exudes as our family has over the years and you’ll feel like you are on “Cloud 9!”

What do the “Preservation of the Land” signs mean?

Stewardship of the land on this working farm is top priority which you will see first hand. (Ask for a tour!) Conservation care has been taken in regard to forestry management with select cutting of trees and using our own sawmill to make lumber to build barns and picnic shelters. Pasture management for the small herd of naturally-raised, hormone-free black Angus is done in rotational paddocks with their own piped in water supply to keep the streams running clear. Composting and organic gardening techniques are given priority. Plantings are done for the wildlife, especially song birds and turkeys. Making the best use of all the unique features of the property takes careful planning. The wood used to build the barns, pavilion and rocks for walls all came from the land. Keeping good neighbor communication is important to us, too.

And That’s What Your Support Means To Us.

A vote of confidence and continuation of the simple life; preserving, conserving, celebrating the beauty of natural land.

So, Come, Experience the Simple Life on Cloud 9 Farm… your “peace” of heaven awaits you!

137 Bob Barnwell Road
Fletcher, NC, 28732
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