Cloud 9 Relaxation

Cloud 9 Farm


Cloud 9 Farm is located a short drive from the Biltmore Estate and Asheville on our private mini-estate in the countryside with 200 acres of wooded nature trails and bottom land. A great, scenic spot for your rustic wedding, too. Let’s sum it up in the jingle:

“Beds, Berries, Trees… Beef and Honey Bees and don’t forget the chickens… and turkeys!”

baling hay

A view of Cloud 9 Farm from the road


The farm as seen on the headboard in the Master Bedroom at Cloud 9 Home

Beds (Three Vacation Rentals):

  • Cloud 9 Relaxation Home, a three bedroom family retreat
  • Heavenly Hideaway Cabin, romantic cabin for couples
  • Silver Lining Cabin, a luxury cabin for families or couples

Berries: U-Pick Blueberries in late June/July/August

Trees: Portable sawmilling, lumber, posts, beams, mountain laurel, with an eye toward conservation.

Beef: Naturally raised Black Angus beef. Seasonally.

Honey Bees: Needed for pollination on the farm, “Products from the Hive” are sold seasonally. Honey, wax, candles, skin care products.

And don’t forget the Chickens… and Turkeys! When you stay on the farm you are always supplied with fresh eggs! We like chickens because they keeps the bugs away. We also sell Cornish Cross chickens for good eating in the summer and turkeys at thanksgiving time.

So, Come, Experience the Simple Life on Cloud 9 Farm… your “peace” of heaven awaits you!