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BeeBabe Made


Rub that body butter in anywhere skin is dry.

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Yes, you now can buy skin care products made right here on Cloud 9 farm with the important ingredients coming from products of the hive…BeeBabe Made.

Small batches of BeeBabe Made skin care products

We use wild-crafted herbs infused in organically sourced oils with OUR VERY OWN beeswax and honey from the pollinator hives on Cloud 9 Farm.

Natural, pure beeswax is one ingredient in BeeBabe Made skin care products.

Why, because all that is the farm must be able to heal. We want that for ourselves and to share that Hive Healing HooDoo with YouHoo!

BeeBabe Janet makes body butter on Cloud 9

Right now you will have to visit the farm (call first) to purchase but we will soon have a shopping cart. Click here to see a list of products.

Lotion bars are a favorite skin care product on Cloud 9