Beds, Berries, Trees…Beef and Honey Bees!

Turkey and Chicken

Turkey and Chicken raised here

Pastured Poultry was raised (broilers) in chicken tractors this 2021 summer. We process on the farm and have a license to do so. We have 4.5 to 6.5 pound broilers all frozen and vacuum sealed. A Cornish Cross chicken of that size will get you through 3 meals, then cook up the bones for broth! $4.50/pound.The photos with the veggies is a 5 lb broiler chicken.

WE HAVE FROZEN TURKEYS just harvested the 2nd week of November. Raised on pasture with a natural, high protein feed in plenty of sunshine. The meat is so sweet…and clean. (Don’t even ask about hormones or anti-biotics…of course not!) $5-$6/lb. We have 11 pounds up through 15 pounds.

Call right away for your turkey so you can defrost it in time for the holidays. Pick up on the farm by appointment only.

IMG_1064 (1)
F Fattening them up
Turkey Time Out



Call for pick up on the farm. 828-628-1758

I’m hungry!
IMG_5559 (1)
In the package
Ready for pickup
Image 54 (1)
In the soup


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