Beds, Berries, Trees…Beef and Honey Bees!

Turkey and Chicken


Pastured Poultry will be raised (broilers) in chicken tractors this 2021 summer. We process on the farm and have a license to do so. Call with your intention to order so you can get on the list by February’s end. The photos with the veggies is a 5 lb broiler chicken.

Call in February to see if able to get turkey poults to raise. (There was scarcity in 2020 and we couldn’t get any to time out for Thanksgiving.) If we can get them, turkeys will also be pastured here. Get a deposit of $25 in by September.

FDSend a message to reserve one.


IMG_1064 (1)
F Fattening them up
Turkey Time Out




Info for 2021: We raise our own broiler chickens (Cornish Cross) in the summer that are pasture raised which means moved on fresh grass twice a day where they get to eat bugs in the grass and little rocks to help them digest. We are licensed in the state of North Carolina and are inspected twice a year.

We started out raising meat for our freezer but enough people inquired and wanted us to raise it for them, too. So now we do mostly commissioned raising of chicks where we give them a good life up to the last 15 seconds! (Yes, we have our own mobile processing unit…all stainless steel; killing cones, scalder, plucker and tables for eviseration.)

We use Food Saver heavy clear mil bags that we vacuum seal. They last up to 2 years in your freezer. We harvest in July and August. Whole Chickens (average $5/lb).

We do have feet, livers and necks for soup stock year ’round.

Call for pick up on the farm. 828-628-1758

I’m hungry!
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In the package
Ready for pickup
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In the soup


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