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Bring the babe with you to pick!



2018: We had a fair crop of early Northern Highbush in June. they came and were picked out in 5 days by June 23!


NOTE FOR 2017: We had two distinct crops. a flush of Northern Highbush that came really early, June 11 instead of at the end of June. Then there was a break and the Rabbit Eye came in at the end of June and were finished by the end 29th of July. Sometimes that goes into August but not in 2017. WE WERE OPEN TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS AND POSTED exact dates and times on this website.

It is always best to CALL AHEAD or email for availability of the berries.

Call Janet at 828-628-1758 or send email

Prices are $3.50/pound or $16/gallon (which is a little over 5 pounds).

History: This patch was created out of an old corn field in 1967 as a hobby farm for the newly-retired father and mother Peterson to have something to do! (After all, the Peterson grandfather raised strawberries and trees in the early 1900s in Minnesota, thus instilling the love of the land.) By 1974, every row in the 4 acre patch was planted and thriving as a U-pick Blueberry patch open to the public by appointment. This patch provided and provides today, the good feeling of purposeful living.

Perspective from Janet, the daughter, “My husband and I took it over in 1996, relieving my 88 year old father, and, blindly, not realizing all the work involved! He continued to do much of the mowing up ’til the age of 91. I have spent time since restoring the patch to its former glory and meeting the challenge of weeds, frosts, drought and sometimes, too much rain.”

More blueberry bushes get planted each year.

The patch continues to serve over 70 families for their U-Pick needs and has seen 3 generations of pickers experience where food comes from. There is nothing like the sweet smell of blueberry blossoms in the spring enlivening the bare shrubs drawing the honey bees and native pollinators to the flowers for a bountiful blue crop in late June.

A baby bird found in the blueberry bush!

Kids love picking (and eating) the berries fresh from the plant as we use no sprays. They delight in the discovery of the biggest blueberry and in the freedom to walk the rows of neatly mowed grass in between the rows. You might have to be honest and pay for what you’ve eaten, though!

Blackberry row is fun to pick, too!

Of course, the birds get their share, too.

We pick in cut-out gallon milk jugs tied around the waist. Then the gallons are weighed and poured into customers’ take-home pans. The season begins the last week of June and goes through the third week of July. In fact, if you have any rinsed out milk/water/tea jugs, we sure could freshen up our stock.

There’s nothing like the fresh antioxidants from the blueberry to maintain your health!

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Picking blueberries is a family event