Beds, Berries, Trees…Beef and Honey Bees!

Stewardship of the Land

Cloud 9 Farm is designated as a Conservation Easement

In May 2016, we signed with the State of North Carolina and Buncombe County to make this a Conservation Easement. A lot of people think that makes it a public park, but that’s NOT what it means at all. This is still private property but there are certain practices like erosion control, controlling invasive imported plants, crop tree release otherwise known as thinning the forest to let the crop trees grow big, that we agree to do with the support of the the county and the state taxed as “present-use value.” Summed up in the letter from Buncombe County:

“We are delighted that you recently completed the donation of a conservation easement on your land in Fairview, NC. The property is important because it contributes to the aesthetic beauty of the western mountains of Buncombe County. It has considerable agricultural value with prime soils. We know that this decision required may hours of careful thought and consideration on your part. Thank you for taking this important step.”

Buncombe County Soil and Water

And what does that mean? In “perpetuity” this farm cannot be developed. It must remain a farm for whomever inherits or buys it. And that’s the way we like it!

Cloud 9 Farm is proud to be awarded the NC Stewardship Forest Award.

stewardship forest

When you vacation at Cloud 9, you’ll be able to see first hand the conservation management practices we use. NC State Foresters work with the Peterson Family to do demonstration education and consultation on best management practices. Maintaining a healthy forest involves planned select-cut timbering, erosion control, maintenance of logging roads/fire trails, and care to make use of every forest product while respecting and honoring the environment.

History of Cloud 9 Farm’s Conservation

In the 1980s, the Peterson Family was the second to voluntarily enroll this 200 acres in Buncombe County’s Farmland Preservation Program – a local government program that allows farmers to voluntarily enroll their farm property in an agricultural district. The purpose of the program is to slow the decline of farmlands in the county and offer operators of farms some protection from encroachment of development.

Picking blueberries

U-Pick Blueberries were the horticultural component, beef cattle, the agricultural component, and wood lot management, the forestry component along with wildlife preservation.

creek crossing
Engineering the creek crossing.

In 2007-2009 the Buncombe County Soil and Water Conservation District worked with the Peterson family and the North Carolina Agriculture Cost Share Program to improve Lanning Branch’s water quality by:

  • Stabilizing the stream bank
  • Fencing the stream from the pasture
  • Planting for erosion control
  • Drilling a dedicated well for cattle
  • Installing water fountains
  • Establish a natural, fenced crossing
  • Riparian Restoration along stream bank

Without the fence the cows will mire up the creek banks causing erosion and muddy the waters for downstream enjoyment.

tobacco trust fund
This money helps farmers like us. Yes, there used to be tobacco on this land.

In 2008, the summer/fall drought saw clover and grass die in the pastures. The fields were brown, hay scarce and the cattle herd had to be reduced by half. In 2009, the Tobacco Trust Fund Commission: provided funding which enabled the Division of Soil and Water Conservation to administer the state Drought Response Recovery Program. This cost-share program assisted the Peterson family with pasture replenishment; lime, fertilizer, seed and use of the no-drill grass planter.

Doesn’t the pasture look healthy now? When you visit, we will give you ideas about how you can do your part to conserve our natural resources. You don’t have to live on a farm to help the environment… just make sensible choices.

cows near hawk
Just the right number of cows live on Cloud 9 Farm!

The beauty of the farm takes work!

Image 9
Janet showing off BeeBabe Made products

Wide view of the pasture
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Fletcher, NC, 28732
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