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Our Military Connection


Family patriarch, Vernon A. Peterson, joined the Minnesota Marine Corps Reserve in the early 1930s. Trained as a pilot, he was hired by Eddie Rickenbacker for Eastern Airlines. Called to active duty at the beginning of World War II, Peterson spent thirty-one months in the western Pacific (Solomon islands) starting by setting up a radar station monitoring the signals of Japanese enemy planes. He also used the equipment to pinpoint where American planes had been shot down so rescuers could get to them. In the later part of his tour of duty, Peterson was the personal pilot of a General in the South Pacific. A daring rescue mission under Japanese fire near Munda in 1943 is a story the family begged to hear over and over again. For any guest interested, we share the original documents.

Col. Peterson, USMC on aircraft carrier during summer training presenting book to leaders. late 1950s

Returning from war, he continued as a pilot for Easter Airlines. Upon retirement from the Marine Corps Reserve, Peterson received a promotion to Brigadier General.


Then seeking a “Cloud 9” to retire to, he and loving wife moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains and created this peaceful spot where pilot and military friends from all over the United States would pay a visit for the next 30 years of their lives.

Looking up at the deck from the driveway.

In a way, that tradition continues on today as this updated jewel of a home on a mountain top hosts vacationers from all over the world.

Good enough for a Brigadier General…good enough for you! What are you waiting for?

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