Cloud 9 Relaxation

Dog Policies


We want common sense to guide you instead of a lot of “Do’s and Don’ts”

1. If your dog sheds a lot, please bring a pet brush and cast that “second dog” ball of fur to the wind. Brush your dog before you come, too.

2. Pooper Scoopers NOT needed. You’re on a farm, remember. A shovel is provided if your dog goes in the yard, scoop it with a throw to the woods but heck, if you’re in the woods, that’s even better. If you bring those baggies, please don’t use them. We believe in natural composting without the help of the 1000 year life of plastic.

3. We do ask that your dog’s nails be clipped so they don’t dig into the wood floors with the polyurethane finish or scar doors with jumping up.

4. Our expectations are that all responsible pet owners have solved the flea problem, right?

5. Where does your dog like to sleep? We hope it’s a crate, bean-bag chair or blanket that you bring.

Bring a bean bag for your dog at Cloud 9

Scout takes a rest from hiking on his bean bag at Cloud 9

Dogs feel safe when you bring your dog crate on vacation.

Dogs feel safe when you bring your dog crate on vacation.

5. No dog that shows they miss you by chewing on furniture or doors may stay unattended in the house. You must bring your own toys, a crate, use the outside kennel or hire a dog sitting service if they are chewers or they are not used to you leaving them for a few hours.

6. Be aware that besides squirrels, there are cows, chickens in a pen, wild turkeys and deer passing through, and, about twice a year, a black bear is spotted on the property. (Remember that we have 200 acres and are in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC.)

This has never been a problem, not even an encounter, just a distant siting, but we must bring it to your attention. (See more on Black Bear Page.)

7. Bring covers for all furniture that you think your dog may jump up on. Bring a towel for your dog’s feet that must be wiped after being outside in wet grass or gravel. If your dog has many whiskers you may need to wipe after drinking or eating to prevent stains on furniture.

8. As clean as your dog may be, the maid is always hired for an extra “Spring Cleaning” after a canine visitor. That’s where the pet fee goes. Thank-you!

Bring your pets' water dishes on your vacation.

Be sure to bring your pet’s familiar food and water dishes to Cloud 9.


Well-mannered dogs make us happy to offer our rentals again and again as pet-friendly. Visit our Pet Friendly Page for more information.

Call 828-628-1758

Charges: $35/stay small dogs under 25 lbs

$50/stay dogs over 25 lbs