Cloud 9 Relaxation

Vacationing Dog Photos


Are we there, yet?

Yes, Cloud 9 Relaxation Home and Heavenly Hideaway cabin are your pet friendly cabin rentals to come to in Asheville, NC. Dogs love to vacation at Cloud 9 Farm because they are with YOU!

I'm ready for that walk you promised me on Cloud 9!

And there is so much to do here…a lazy lounge on the deck or full throttle down a nature trail…all on Cloud 9 properties. You don’t have to drive anywhere to take your dog for a walk. It’s all right here.

Clumbers get a rub down on Heavenly Hideaway cabin deck

What a great place to have fun with your family and your pet.

Rainy day inside fun at Cloud 9

"Bandit" is trying to figure how he can help with the puzzle at Cloud 9.

Enjoying the day with a swim after a stick in Peterson Pond on Cloud 9 Farm.

Paths to explore, off path exploring, too, the woods smells, creature smells, the creek, the pond to swim in, the cows to gawk at and harass, the chickens to drool over… ooo la la…to be a dog on Cloud 9!

Your pooch may not enjoy the view from our mountain top hike as much as you but they will know a stop to rest is welcome.

"Destiny" makes the hike to the top of Buzzard's Roost.

The wildlife abounds for your pet to smell at Cloud 9 Farm.

Pets enjoy the excitement of the fire pit, too!

Fozzie, the German Shepherd, enjoys the views at Cloud 9

Silent deer browse in Cloud 9 Farm Woods making delicious smells for your pet.

Florida Dog "Kenya" relishes a walk in the woods.

Cows are curious about dogs. Dogs are curious about cows on Cloud 9 Farm..