Cloud 9 Relaxation

What You Bring


What you need to bring:

Signage- We suggest balloons or your own, personalized signs placed on the road for directions.

Decorations: Balloons and ribbons may be tied to the metal frame of the 10×10 ft. tent or to the rafters of the picnic shed. Candles must be enclosed in glass or metal containers and placed on bases that prevent them from being spilled over or use battery candles. Tiki lights can be used. Rice, confetti, party string or sparklers are not permitted at Cloud 9 as they may present a danger to the property, wild life or other guests. Preferred are bubbles, flower petals, bird seed or similar biodegradable materials.

Since you may want to have the outhouse available (suitable for up to 40 people) with or without a portable outhouse, you can decorate the inside with battery operated candles and perhaps a tent over the entrance with a table hand-washing station. A hanging mirror is a cute touch. You provide paper towels and any hand sanitizer. There is no potable water at the event area.

Food: We have a list of caterers or bring your own food on site. No restrictions.

Music, Flowers, Officiant, Photographer: We have suggestions but this is your day, do what YOU want.

Preparation: Time for set up the day before (4 hours) is given unless another event is scheduled.

For stand alone events: You will have from 10 am-11 pm for your wedding.

Event End Time is considered to be the time that the Host closes the gate (no later than midnight). Cleanup/tear down time must be included in that time period.

Rent the whole farm: the land, the 3 vacation rentals giving you plenty of time to decorate and have pre-wedding fun.

Camping: Rustic camping in the event area or in blueberry field is available when you rent the whole farm. One electrical plug in for a camping RV is also available.

Alcohol: The serving and/or use of alcohol involves another insurance package and contract. We can discuss. Otherwise, it will be assumed that the Client and Guests are aware that this is a non-alcoholic event.

Insurance: We suggest WedSafe as a low cost policy.
Smoking: Smoking is permitted at the outdoor event in designated areas.
Cancellation Policy: More than three (3) months prior to contracted Event date. Further details will be given upon contract.DSCN1698 DSCN1268Cathedral in the Woods Paddle boat decorated