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How can you tell when your electric cattle fence is off?

This is how! Elsie, 7 months old just wants an apple so baaaad. Whoops, gotta check where the snow laden tree must have fallen on the electric fence. PS Bring apples for the cows (not carrots…they are for horses) when you come to Cloud 9 Farm.

Food you can "nuzzle"

On these cold days at Cloud 9 Farm, the cows really look forward to a serving of warm silage, chopped fermented corn stalks with plump whole kernel corn. It steams with the composting heat in the frigid air as I shovel it in the trough. Their pleasure is evident because they bury their sensitive noses in the warmth and stir it around before taking [ MORE » ]

Pepper, the cow, has a calf

I rarely get to see my own cows having their calf because usually it occurs so early in the morning or night. But Pepper, my favorite cow, because she is such a good mother to her calves and has plenty of milk, gave me the first oppotunity at 4 in the after noon. These pics were taken with a zoom so they are a [ MORE » ]
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