For the Love of Calf

Saving a calf’s life is pretty important stuff around Cloud 9 Farm. The vet said that mother cow abandonment of baby is rare but it does happen. What to do in that case is to immediately take over being the mama. Of course, we gave Elsie the cow, plenty of chances to step up…but she didn’t.

Signs of Spring on the Blueberry Farm started as a blueberry u-pick hobby farm long before the internet (1070) and now is the most inspiring spring time of year! What a beautiful site…the blueberry buds are breaking their tight cluster and wafting their sweet, but faint “come-hither” perfume. The pollinators are checking out the maturing blossoms with the bumble bees first,… Read more »

Winter Solstice

When the leaves drop off the trees, you can see a panoramic view on top of Cloud 9. The winter solstice peaks over Bear Wallow mountain on December 21st marking the shortest day of the year. It all happens about 8 am so rise and shine and witness a wonder in this world…the return of… Read more »

Feels like Snow

It hasn’t looked like this snowy scene yet this December on Cloud 9, but we must prepare ourselves…to sled, that is. (We have the sleds.) These are Cloud 9’s snowy, sloping pastures and if the snow gets thick enough and the cow pies get frozen enough underneath it all, it makes for great sledding. The… Read more »