For the Love of Turkeys

If you love to watch the mating ritual of the wild turkey, you need to come to Cloud 9 Farm near Asheville in the month of April and May.

You will love to watch the sunlight play on their glistening feathers in tones of gold, rose, blue, purple and green with the brown undertones.

Sure, lots of places have wild turkeys, but, you see, Cloud 9 Farm is a wildlife sanctuary designated in the Conservation Easement by the state of North Carolina. Turkeys are safe here on our 200 acres.

One vacationer commented how at ease our roaming flock of turkeys are with nearby people. In fact, on our half mile driveway, we have a turkey crossing so you can see them from the car. The crossing goes from the wooded mountain, across our graveled driveway, to the cow pasture where they graze and forage. Yes, they love to scratch through the cow patties for undigested bits of corn and grain that the cows get in their sweet treats.

Just about anytime of day you will see turkeys here but, if you want a Nature delight, you will be in our valley right after dawn (7 or 7:30 am) when the toms are gobbling at one end of the valley to the hens at the other end who are answering back.

They meet up, puff up their chests, spread their tail array of feathers, quiver their wings touching the ground in a half circle strut, grow their snood turning purple and lengthening, fight, mate, forage, talk in squeaks, chucks and whistles…all of which YOU can witness when you stay at Heavenly Hideaway Cabin, Cloud 9 Relaxation Home, Silver Lining Cabin, or Sawyer’s Cabin.

Right now we have a flock of 2 mature Toms and 14 hens. There are 4 immature toms who strut in practice for each other in our blueberry field, hoping to catch the eye of a wandering hen. They are a hoot!