Blueberries: 5 Juicy Facts

Blueberry pickin’ time is nearly here at Cloud 9 Farm (late June – August)! While we wait with mouth-watering anticipation, here are five quick facts about this delightful little fruit:

1) Although blueberries are native to America, they were not commercially grown or sold until 1916. Thanks to the combined efforts of cranberry farmer Elizabeth White and botanist Frederick Coville, blueberries began their farm to table journey that continues today.

2) Do you love the “blue” in blueberries? A plant hormone called anthocyanin give blueberries their distinct blue color.

3) There are 5 major blueberry varieties grown in the USA: rabbiteye, southern highbush, northern highbush, lowbush, and half-high. Here at Cloud 9 Farm, we grow rabbiteye and northern highbush because they thrive in our beloved mountains of Western North Carolina!

4) The USA currently leads the world in blueberry production, growing approximately 255,000 tons per year. Now that’s a lot of smoothies!

5) Did you know a single, mature blueberry bush can produce up to 8 lbs. of berries in a single growing season? Impressive and delicious!

U-pick blueberry season at Cloud 9 Farm begins in late June and continues through August until we’re “picked out.” Can’t wait to see you in the patch!