Cloud 9 Beeswax and Honey makes Skin Care products

The Whole House Smells like Honey
Yep, Cloud 9 Farm sells skin care products but only if you come here. Shopping cart is being developed…What better natural potpourri than the smell of melting beeswax in a closed up winter day?

It’s that time of year when dry skin craves the rich oils that I’ve purchased (jojoba, camellia seed, avocado) to be swirled with melted beeswax and essential oils to make lotion bars. I’ll describe the process over the next few days. Here’s what the finished product looks like…of course it has a bee molded in it!

First, you get the wax from the cappings you cut off of your honey frames. Cloud 9 Farm has pollinator beehives across the road (1/2 mi from the rentals, don’t worry) that supply surplus honey in August each year.

You use a hot knife to release the honey (which goes in a centrifuge frame and all) and you drain all the cappings for a few drops more. Then you wash the wax with cool water. More tomorrow.


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