How to get the Wax from your Beehives

How to get the Wax to Work with from your Beehives

Wax is yellow (first season by the bees) to tannish yellow (used over again for the next season) when it is all melted down. Cloud 9 Farm’s wax entry at the WNC State Fair won 1stplace for it’s fragrance combined with light color, though it wasn’t the yellowest wax there. So after you cut off the cappings and wash them, you put them in a crock pot with water to melt. The light wax rises to the top, cool it and cut off the slum (old honey, bee foot dirt, old cocoons), then melt it again this time running it through a strainer.

Do it again, do it again. We’re getting there. Remember, we want to make beautiful yellow lotion bars. Ah, take a whiff. This must be what heaven smells like…honey.

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