More about Skin Care Products using Beeswax near Asheville at Cloud 9 Farm

Know your Wax

I love lotion bars because they are easy to rub on your feet and anywhere you have dry skin. The BeeBabes and I look for sources of organic, pesticide-free oils (like jojoba, camellia seed, avocado, coconut) to go with our pesticide-free wax. Did you know that the honeycomb in a hive is like the liver of the Superorganism? Dr. MaryAnn Frazier from Penn State did an eye-opening study of the presence of 171 different contaminants. That’s why we use our OWN wax because we can narrow down the 2 mile fly zone to know what is going on spray wise in our neighborhood. We don’t want to use contaminated wax for any product that will sink into the skin. Aren’t these beautiful oils?

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