5 Reasons You Need a “Beer-cation”

You’ve heard of a “Farm-cation” because that’s what we are…a stay on our wooded farm with a blueberry field in the valley away from the hustle and bustle of touristy places, but have you heard of a “Beer-cation?” With the evolving craft beer scene and the Beer City designation of Asheville with 17 plus breweries many of you want to come and experience this Asheville scene.

  1. You need a vacation!
    You’ve been working with your nose to the grind-stone and deserve a vacation…oh, there’s beer there?
  2. You have a partner that loves antiques.
    Say what? Well, sure, you can sit at Wicked Weed or French Broad Brewery and wait to pass the time! Asheville has lots of barns full of old stuff in booths to explore nearby and you’ll make TWO people happy.
  3. You’re a beer connoisseur.
    Yes, you’ve dabbled in making it at home but that streak of laziness has set in and, gosh, the people that go to school for the degree know so much more..let them do it and you enjoy the fruits.
  4. You’ve been to all the micro-breweries in your area.
    And you’re thirsty for more. Heck, a little vacation in the meantime to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina never hurt anyway.
  5. You’re a micro-brewer yourself.
    You’d like to taste the nuances of the additions of malted rye, toasted coconut, pumpkin, cacao nibbs, hickory smoked sweet corn, lemon verbena, dry hops, elder flowers, hyssop, honeysuckle, the list goes on as far as the imagination can take it. Just more ideas for YOU!

So, do you need a Beer-cation? Check out the plans on our web page for what a week or weekend would look like.