Blueberries are in Bloom

We can let our breath out now that the danger of frost hurting the delicate, pink and white blueberry blooms is over. Last year in April ’07 the 4 day freeze wiped out 98% of the crop so this year’s double bloom brings new hope for a bumper crop of those sweet tasting, grape-size delights of blue heaven.

If you book Cloud 9 or Heavenly Hideaway cabin in July you’ll get to pick your breakfast every morning in my 2 acre field of blueberries on my U-Pick farm. The blueberries are ripe from the last week of June through the end of July. Yummm!

Right now, it’s my favorite place to be weeding because the blueberry perfume wafts through the air calling in the pollinators including my honeybee girls from their hive in the next pasture.

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