Gryes, Do you know what it means?

I didn’t know what a grye was until, my artist friend,  Robert, went on this research “vacation” to visit one. The sailing vessel, The Sea Dragon, is rounding the cape of South America. He’s concerned about the environment, too, just as much as we are at Cloud 9 Farm. We recycle plastic, glass, cardboard, paper and food scraps for chickens. But more importantly, we think about the container before we purchase whatever is in it and reuse what we can.

Plastic, we love the usefulness, we hate the polluting factor, we throw it away or recycle it. At  5 Gyre website they say this:

“Our oceans are dynamic systems, made up of complex networks of currents that circulate water around the world. Large systems of these currents, coupled with wind and the earth’s rotation, create “gyres”, massive, slow rotating whirlpools in which plastic trash can accumulate. The North Pacific Gyre, the most heavily researched for plastic pollution, spans an area roughly twice the size of the United States – though it is a fluid system, shifting seasonally in size and shape. Designed to last, plastic trash in the gyre will remain for decades or longer, being pushed gently in a slow, clockwise spiral towards the center. ”

As it breaks down into little bits, it releases all kinds of dangerous pollutants so water samples are taken as well as visually tracking trash. I’m following the blog of The Green Bag Lady on this journey. You can, too.

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