Meet Butch

Whenever a new calf is born on Cloud 9 Farm, the renter at the time, gets to name it. Sooooo, presenting Butch, named by two sisters from Florida, looking for a macho name for this new stud.

Actually, this new baby face stud will have a couple weeks reprieve before becoming a steer! I bent down to gather some baling twine with camera in the other hand and Butch ventured away from his mother to investigate. The whole time she was growling like a mad dog warning him of possible danger, but still Butch independently checked me out, looking back at her every other step. He finally did heed her call but not until I got some really good photos of that milk face!


Butch Greene

I gotta be honest here. I don’t think he looks ANYTHING like me!!!


What a little cutie!! And I love the shot of him looking back at Mama! Can't believe you were able to capture that moment…


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