The Head Fell Off

On the 200 acres of Cloud 9 Rentals, there are many places of interest, tiki heads to mask tree stumps and stone works all from the property. One that you see in the valley is the Phoenix, sitting on the edge of the woods. You have to look closely to see the rock legs and the graduated in size, flat rocks showing feathers of the body. (The large top “wing” rock is the expensive bought one to complete the scupture’s magnificance).

I noticed something different about it the other day when driving by…it’s head was missing. The head…the many days of searching all the “bone piles” at rock places to find this ‘specially shaped rock with a nature-formed beak in profile. How could I not notice it? What makes a 100 pound rock (I’m guessing) fall off? Oh, I forgot to tell you, it is precariously balanced and wedged with smaller shims of rocks so a wind could have done it.

Update: so it took two people to right the head and we’ll see how long it lasts.

…the phoenix rises from the ashes into new life as this farm is reborn with new vision to share with you…

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