What does Relaxing Look Like at Cloud 9 Vacation Rentals in Asheville?

What do you think of when the word “relaxing” on a vacation comes to mind? Is it just being away from your computer or turning off your phone? I think not, because visitors report that use of their ipad or phone, even lap top become pleasurable in a “time-out-of-time” setting. You are in control, not your devices controlling you. Here at Cloud 9, we have the high speed DSL for you to log in all your devices. And the best part is, you can be in a lounge chair on the deck or out in the yard still with a great signal.

Watching a vacationer (who works behind a computer all day) holding a tablet and following a plump, white, Delaware chicken around the green grass of our spring yard to get just the right shot to send to a friend was her way of relaxing.

Reading a good book is voted #1 of this asked question. We have lots of natural light in the home to read by or go on the deck so you can rest your eyes with the view. Cloud 9 has it’s on library, too, if you forgot a book.

Eating when you get hungry, not when the clock says to is relaxing, don’t you agree? Cloud 9 Relaxation Home has gourmet cookware like hard anodized non-stick cookware, porcelain enamel-coated cast iron dutch oven, coffee grinder and a stainless steel thermal carafe coffee pot that keeps coffee hot and fresh. A vacationer that booked Thanksgiving wanted to be sure we had enough casserole dishes for the many delectable family recipes she would make. The answer; yes, of course.

Cooking can be relaxing. A vacationer who came at raspberry season went to the ACE hardware and purchased jelly jars and Sure-Jell pectin. She ended up making 4 runs of beautiful, clear, seedless raspberry jelly and proudly announced that homemade Christmas gifts for family were DONE!

As a dog owner, probably the most relaxing mission is to get to sleep in without your dog waking you up to go out first thing in the morning. So go on a long hike, right on the Cloud 9 property. Mission accomplished.

Relaxation can take many forms. Come and experience your type of relaxation on Cloud 9 Farm!

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