Why Take your Pet with you on Vacation?

Your dog deserves a vacation, too! Find a pet-friendly cabin that allows you to take your best friend along without the hassle of boarding or pet sitters. Truthfully, you have your pet because YOU are their forever home and they want to be with YOU. Especially if your dog experiences anxiety when you’re gone, it could magnify any health issues that you’d have to deal with when you return.

Cloud 9 Relaxation understands how important your pets are and why it is essential for us to be able to offer these pet and dog friendly vacations in Asheville, NC. With plenty of nature trails to walk, why wouldn’t you bring your dog?

On our farm, consider it a farmcation with your dog who will entertain you by getting excited to see cows up close, swim in Peterson pond or sniff the scent of wild turkeys. Just be prepared, though, because some wild instincts may come out that you haven’t seen before.

One pet owner had never heard her dog snort, but in the Blue Ridge Mountain fresh air of Cloud 9 Relaxation home’s land, her dog did just that! Then that bull terrier proceeded to investigate chipmunk holes in the ground.

Another labradoodle owner was delighting in the spring time butterflies, picking and blowing dandelion puff ball seeds while she let her dog romp in the fields at Cloud 9 Farm near Asheville when all of a sudden, her dog jumped up, caught a black swallowtail butterfly and ate it!

Have a relaxation adventure with your pet on Cloud 9 Farm!