BREECH! Chicken Run Occurs

Nawwww, Only in the movies…My chickens know where I feed them and where it is safe from the hawk (I only let them out of their large run coop after I know the chicken hawk has made his rounds.) With the wind the other night, a leaning tree fell on the chicken coop. But, here come first-to-wake-up vacationers at Cloud 9, knocking on my door to lend a helping hand. We cut the tree off the coop in firewood-size pieces and they put down their morning coffee cups to help stack it around the fire pit. Our motto is “We work, you relax” but, hey, if it’s fun, join in! Next, I’ll show you the fire pit pictures.

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Butch Greene

Isn’t it great when people show simple courtesy that you used to not be surprised by. We really need to bring the girls by one day.


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