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Chickens don’t like snow!

To get those fat chickens to dare take a step out of the coop when there is snow on the ground, you have to shovel out a spot so they can at least see a little brown. Then throw some of yellow and brown chicken scratch out to tempt them. They still hesitate. But eat they must because they still lay big brown eggs [ MORE » ]

Dang it's Cold!

Goldy, the rooster, is so stoic as he waits for warmer weather up on his perch in the hen house. Got a little frostbite on those wattles, don’t you old man? It did go down to 10 last night, and even though the Cloud 9 Farm Chickens protect themselves in the wind break of the hen house, a little frostbite on those tender combs [ MORE » ]

BREECH! Chicken Run Occurs

Nawwww, Only in the movies…My chickens know where I feed them and where it is safe from the hawk (I only let them out of their large run coop after I know the chicken hawk has made his rounds.) With the wind the other night, a leaning tree fell on the chicken coop. But, here come first-to-wake-up vacationers at Cloud 9, knocking on my [ MORE » ]

Baby Chicks

There’s always something to do with chickens here on Cloud 9 Farm. I keep a flock of about 30 with a rooster, (presently “Goldie”) which gives me enough farm fresh, large, brown eggs to share with renters, to sell locally and to make quiches, custards and cakes anytime I want. Here’s the latest hatch…sort of sad, though. I have 5 mother hens that have [ MORE » ]
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