Cloud 9 Relaxation

Animals on Cloud 9 Farm

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Yes, my dog actually snorted with the new smells on Cloud 9 Farm.

Why Take your Pet with you on Vacation?

Your dog deserves a vacation, too! Find a pet-friendly cabin that allows you to take your best friend along without the hassle of boarding or pet sitters. Truthfully, you have your pet because YOU are their forever home and they want to be with YOU. Especially if your dog experiences anxiety when you’re gone, it could magnify any health issues that you’d have to [ MORE » ]

Mountain Lizard

Look who came to visit Cloud 9. A blue tailed skink! If you like to explore under rocks or want your children to have the experience of outdoor living, there are many opportunities in our big outdoors on Cloud 9 Farm.

Elsie the Cow with Baby Helen

New Calf at Cloud 9 Farm

Red Angus Calf Born…Helen When a calf is born on the property and a vacationer is staying, they get to name it. That’s how baby Helen got named. “So, mom, up in heaven, you now have a name’s sake,” the couple from Chicago quipped. Elsie, the mamma, was mated with our big, black, Angus bull but it looks like the red angus genetics won [ MORE » ]

Young deer rub on blueberry bushes on Cloud 9 Farm

Urine Wanted

Proof that deer are using Cloud 9's blueberry bushes to rub their antlers on and we need urine as a deterrent.

Weaning time as calf only takes a sip from bottle

Bottle Feeding Comes to an End

Hand-feeding a bottle to a rejected calf twice a day is a time consuming chore on Cloud 9 Farm near Asheville. Here is proof that weaning is taking place with only a few sips taken this morning.

Delaware chickens are friendly and give brown eggs on Cloud 9 Farm

What do Heritage Chickens Look Like?

What is a heritage chicken and why does Cloud 9 Farm want to grow them?

Southern Exposure New Chicken House takes shape on Cloud 9 Farm near Asheville.

New “Agri-Tourism” Chicken House

New chicken house is a state-of-the-art agri-tourism project on Cloud 9 Farm near Asheville.

He Survives!

With TLC we are going to get this calf to survive.

Who Wants to Feed a Calf?

Little calf "Come Back" is popular neighborhood family fun on the farm to feed a calf in Asheville.

This Calf Sucks!

Family fun to feed a sweet little black angus calf.