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Family Fun on Cloud 9 Farm

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Farm to Table Food

5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit Asheville

Food, Food, Food, Food, Food Views, Views,Views,Views,Views That about says it all but here’s more; It’s Asheville Restaurant Week January 21-27th. There are so many of the independent, eclectic restaurants that are offering great prices (with a selected menu) like a 3 course dinner for $32. Our personal favorites are Curate, Tupelo Honey, and The Corner Kitchen. But we are dying to try Hemingway’s [ MORE » ]

Paris (of the South) in the Spring

Asheville has been called “The Paris of the South” for a century but no one really thinks it can hold a candle to Paris, France. However, we came up with similarities and will let YOU decide.   People love to get their feet on the street and experience the unique feel of a small town that has quirky, older buildings stuck in time, some [ MORE » ]

What does Relaxing Look Like at Cloud 9 Vacation Rentals in Asheville?

Relaxation can take many forms. Whether it's hiking, cooking or just having time to use your tablet, you must come and experience your type of relaxation on Cloud 9 Farm!

Get your Moog on!

Today begins the 5 day Moog Festival in Asheville, NC dedicated to the synthesis of technology, art, science and music. Artists, engineers, and enthusiasts of Bob Moog pay tribute to the legacy of the analog synthesizer guru who made his home here. Featuring landmark performances by groups we’ve never heard of like: electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk 3D; iconic electro-pop duo Pet Shop Boys; self-declared [ MORE » ]

Vacationing girls help plant potatoes on Cloud 9 Farm

You did WHAT on your vacation at Cloud 9 Farm?

So it’s a beautiful Spring vacation kind of day and you’ve already hiked the mountain at Cloud 9, signed the journal in the mailbox at the top of “Buzzard’s Roost” and want to stay outside. These teenage girls know an adventure when they see one…help the owner of Cloud 9 Farm plant potatoes! Since it is a new skill they learned everything from cutting [ MORE » ]

New Heavenly Hideaway Cabin Brochure

Our new brochure features the family fun you can have at any season of the year! Feeding cows apples, catching fish in Peterson pond, pulling a turnip in the late fall from the garden and spending quality time with your pet on a nature trail walk. The only thing missing are the CHICKENS! Kids always have fun feeding them the chicken scratch or left [ MORE » ]

Dog’s Just Wanna have F-un

Romping up to Buzzard’s Roost  (one of our many wooded nature trails) at pet-friendly Cloud 9. You want your dog to have all the outdoor experiences they deserve, don’t you. Be prepared to have their instincts unleashed as they sniff the deer and wild turkey and an occasional bear. Do you think the owner stayed ahead of them very long?

Night time Campfires

Time to light the fires at Cloud 9 on these cold nights. We provide the wood and fire starter (unless you want to use your Scout skills). You bring the marshmallows. Or sit and listen to the hoot owls between crackling embers. Better yet, bring a friend who knows how to play a mean guitar. Roger that.

Campfire any Season

We have the wood ready for your campfire at Cloud 9 Relaxation Home. Kids love the building of the fire in the stone fire ring because it means scouring the woods for poker sticks and marshmallow sticks. But then this is where “roasting” a marshmallow turns into “whoops, it caught on fire!” OK, I know some people don’t have the patience and stick that [ MORE » ]

Try these wild crafted herbs on Cloud 9 Farm near Asheville, NC

think spring

You can find wild, edible greens on Cloud 9 Farm. Pick some on your vacation to try.