Come Kick a Rock

Dirt roads, almost as rare as hen’s teeth in Fairview, NC as developers demand ameneties for prospective buyers. My favorite winding backroad to town got paved a few years ago. Sure, less dust and easier on the car but it was the road I always took out-of-town guests on the way back from the airport. “We live way back in the hills,” I would boast as they gripped the dashboard around the hairpin turns. The next day, they would find out we are really just 4/10 mile from the paved road that leads to town just 15 minutes away. Tee-hee!

But, Cloud 9 properties stretch on both sides of this country road. Cows on one side, pasture and woods on the other and follow the gravel drive to the top of the hill where you have the view (and no dust).

Come, kick a rock, take a walk, stop and see images in the clouds, watch the cows grazing, go back in time to simpler ways …all here.

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