Not Too Late for Christmas…2019

So you want to be somewhere special for Christmas or before or after the holiday? Now’s the time to plan ahead for 2019…and we want you to stay at one of our 4 vacation rentals. Instigate a family reunion by staying in Cloud 9 Relaxation Home or Silver Lining Cabin for 6-8 people. Or have your own private retreat in a cabin for two; [ MORE » ]

What is a Sawyer’s Cabin?

Well, you’d think that a Sawyer’s Cabin would be the place where the sawyer lived…with his sawmill close by so he could do the grueling work and have a place of respite handy. And this is partially true in the historical context of this property. On this very piece lived Bob Barnwell for whom the road is named after. He built a house on [ MORE » ]

Seeking that Heart-Shaped Tub near Asheville?

It’s no easy task to get a tub like this in a cabin but Silver Lining Cabin near Asheville and the Biltmore Estate has one. Not oblong, not triangular, but a true heart-shaped tub installed for romance in mind in our new Asheville cabin in the woods. How did you do that? First you have to persuade the high-quality MTI luxury tub maker to [ MORE » ]
Seeking that Heart-Shaped Tub near Asheville?
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Master Bedroom Sawmill Slab Headboard

6 Reasons to Choose a “Green” Vacation Rental

In this day of the importance of seriously caring for the earth and making responsible environmental choices, you want to choose a vacation rental that was built with that kind of respect, don’t you?   Reason #1 Part of being on a vacation is smelling the fresh air…both inside the home and outside. You don’t want to be breathing outgassing of home furnishings, toxic [ MORE » ]
6 Reasons to Choose a “Green” Vacation Rental
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Recycled Wreath Looks Pretty Darn Pretty

This week’s chore list: Put some home made Christmas wreaths on the stone pillar security gate at Cloud 9 Farm. Clean up some rusty strands of barbed wire from a pile now visible with the winter weed die down. Oh, hey, wait… two chores one DO. When you live on a farm you have this mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle” going in your head [ MORE » ]
Recycled Wreath Looks Pretty Darn Pretty
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Meet Butch

Whenever a new calf is born on Cloud 9 Farm, the renter at the time, gets to name it. Sooooo, presenting Butch, named by two sisters from Florida, looking for a macho name for this new stud. Actually, this new baby face stud will have a couple weeks reprieve before becoming a steer! I bent down to gather some baling twine with camera in [ MORE » ]

Blueberry Nectar Flow

The sweet perfume of blueberry blossoms pulls the honey bees and bumble bees into the lure of sweet reward…pollinating for a cross pollinated crops for me and sweet nectar to take back to the hive for the colony. I keep 5 colonies of honeybees for this sole purpose that happens every April here at Cloud 9 Farm. It’s a little later than normal with [ MORE » ]

Path of the Sun from Cloud 9 Property

On the first day of spring, March 20th this year, the sun rises right over the tippy top of Little Pisgah mountain from Cloud 9 Properties. Click the link to see other views. But, this is just a week and 2 days later, and look how much it’s moved to the northeast. I’ll take another photo on the longest day of the year (June [ MORE » ]

Green and Yellow

Colors and feelings…doesn’t bright grass green and daffodil yellow just make you feel fresh, alive, and healthy? Of course! Coming to the mountains SHOULD make you feel like that all year long. So, come! Here’s a photo of a side of Cloud 9 Relaxation Home. 4 bedrooms for a great family reunion spot.
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