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Biltmore house is just 11 miles from Cloud 9 Farm

Showing off the Biltmore house, Asheville, NC as a day trip from Heavenly Hideaway Cabin

Winter at the Biltmore Estate

(Click on title for full blog) Winter visits to Asheville and Cloud 9 Farm help you to truly see the Blue Ridge Mountains in all their glory with panoramic views from our mountain vacation home. And, for the best dollar value, it’s a good time to visit the Biltmore Estate.

Yes, my dog actually snorted with the new smells on Cloud 9 Farm.

Why Take your Pet with you on Vacation?

Your dog deserves a vacation, too! Find a pet-friendly cabin that allows you to take your best friend along without the hassle of boarding or pet sitters. Truthfully, you have your pet because YOU are their forever home and they want to be with YOU. Especially if your dog experiences anxiety when you’re gone, it could magnify any health issues that you’d have to [ MORE » ]

Signs of Spring on the Blueberry Farm started as a blueberry u-pick hobby farm long before the internet (1070) and now is the most inspiring spring time of year! What a beautiful site…the blueberry buds are breaking their tight cluster and wafting their sweet, but faint “come-hither” perfume. The pollinators are checking out the maturing blossoms with the bumble bees first, buzzing in circles, followed by the solitary wood/ground nesting [ MORE » ]

Get your Moog on!

Today begins the 5 day Moog Festival in Asheville, NC dedicated to the synthesis of technology, art, science and music. Artists, engineers, and enthusiasts of Bob Moog pay tribute to the legacy of the analog synthesizer guru who made his home here. Featuring landmark performances by groups we’ve never heard of like: electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk 3D; iconic electro-pop duo Pet Shop Boys; self-declared [ MORE » ]

Vacationing girls help plant potatoes on Cloud 9 Farm

You did WHAT on your vacation at Cloud 9 Farm?

So it’s a beautiful Spring vacation kind of day and you’ve already hiked the mountain at Cloud 9, signed the journal in the mailbox at the top of “Buzzard’s Roost” and want to stay outside. These teenage girls know an adventure when they see one…help the owner of Cloud 9 Farm plant potatoes! Since it is a new skill they learned everything from cutting [ MORE » ]

Cherub at the Biltmore Estate celebrates 84 years with grapes.

Biltmore Estate’s 84th Anniversary

84 years ago the Cecils opened the Biltmore Estate to the public for the first time (March 15, 1930). The city of Asheville, requested it (probably gave them a huge tax break) and hoped to revitalize the Depression-era economy with tourism and to generate funds to maintain the estate. Cloud 9 – Vacation Cabin & Rentals is 10.77 miles away and the reason so [ MORE » ]

Have you ever seen a pigtail steak flipper?

That’s a steak flipper! It is handcrafted by our neighborhood, part-time blacksmith, Yancey. He would do it full time if he didn’t have to hold down a real job. He loves the fire, the pounding, the sweat, the making of useful objects out of iron. This steak-flipper is a must-have for those of you that like to grill out. Just stab the pig-tail, sharp [ MORE » ]

Little ol' Cloud 9 competes with the big guys.

Where’s Waldo?

Not just anybody can just plop their rack cards at the DOT Welcome Centers for visitors. You have to call and wait, apply and wait then finally get approved. We have some very pretty (and informative) new rack cards to show off, too.

Little House in the Snowy Woods

Laura Ingalls Wilder would love that! Wouldn’t it be great to get snowed in with your honey here with no where that you have to be? And if you have to get out, we have the tractor snow plow. Here is what an inch and a half looks like of freshly fallen snow at Heavenly Hideaway Cabin.
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