Come Kick a Rock

Dirt roads, almost as rare as hen’s teeth in Fairview, NC as developers demand ameneties for prospective buyers. My favorite winding backroad to town got paved a few years ago. Sure, less dust and easier on the car but it was the road I always took out-of-town guests on the way back from the airport…. Read more »

Giant Black Widow

Asheville has lots of fun places to explore. One of them is the Arboretum off the Blue Ridge Parkway. This traveling exhibit is called Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders and since I had never seen a real live glow-in-the-dark scorpion or been in an artrium filled with hatching monarchs, I went. Here I am… Read more »


For those of you that are addicted, let me introduce you to Drinking Beans Coffee Shop otherwise known as Drinkin’ Beans or DN BZ as the closest place to get snap-you-awake java. My former 4th grade student, Zach, (pictured here) created this space a year ago. I’m so proud of him. It’s a relaxing place,… Read more »

That Darned Old Tree

All fall and winter I curse that crab apple tree in the pasture. It’s prickly limbs that fall off or have to be trimmed give injuries even to my gloved hands everytime. But now…in the spring…full glorious blossoms (double blossoms this year to make up for the freeze of ’07) in pinkish white that make… Read more »