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Blueberries: 5 Juicy Facts

Blueberry pickin’ time is nearly here at Cloud 9 Farm (late June – August)! While we wait with mouth-watering anticipation, here are five quick facts about this delightful little fruit: 1) Although blueberries are native to America, they were not commercially grown or sold until 1916. Thanks to the combined efforts of cranberry farmer Elizabeth White and botanist Frederick Coville, blueberries began their farm [ MORE » ]

For the Love of Calf

Saving a calf's life is pretty important stuff around Cloud 9 Farm. The vet said that mother cow abandonment of baby is rare but it does happen. What to do in that case is to immediately take over being the mama. Of course, we gave Elsie the cow, plenty of chances to step up...but she didn't.

For the Love of Turkeys

Cloud 9 farm is a sanctuary for wildlife and turkeys are so prevalent in Western North Carolina but here but here, they have full roam of the 200 acre farm and don't have to interact with highway traffic, roads or people. In the spring, especially, you'll want to be here because mating season is upon us. It's when the tom turkeys fan their tails and gobble with importance hoping to attract hens for their harem. Hens act oblivious by continuing to forage around but you can tell they are well aware of the courting around them as they stay close to the flock. Many good photography moments can be seen just by sitting on our pasture observation bench next to their playground pasture.

There's snow in them there hills! (Well, when that arctic blast comes this week.)

Asheville Snow Vacation

Then you better plan a spur-of-the moment vacation to our Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville while it’s cold. We have openings in several of our vacation rentals for 2 up to 6 people. Yes, the ski resorts make snow when the temps are freezing and it lasts and lasts even when weather warms. Though we don’t have snow at our elevation right now, this [ MORE » ]

Farm to Table Food

5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit Asheville

Food, Food, Food, Food, Food Views, Views,Views,Views,Views That about says it all but here’s more; It’s Asheville Restaurant Week January 21-27th. There are so many of the independent, eclectic restaurants that are offering great prices (with a selected menu) like a 3 course dinner for $32. Our personal favorites are Curate, Tupelo Honey, and The Corner Kitchen. But we are dying to try Hemingway’s [ MORE » ]

Not Too Late for Christmas…2019

So you want to be somewhere special for Christmas or before or after the holiday? Now’s the time to plan ahead for 2019…and we want you to stay at one of our 4 vacation rentals. Instigate a family reunion by staying in Cloud 9 Relaxation Home or Silver Lining Cabin for 6-8 people. Or have your own private retreat in a cabin for two; [ MORE » ]

What is a Sawyer’s Cabin?

Well, you’d think that a Sawyer’s Cabin would be the place where the sawyer lived…with his sawmill close by so he could do the grueling work and have a place of respite handy. And this is partially true in the historical context of this property. On this very piece lived Bob Barnwell for whom the road is named after. He built a house on [ MORE » ]

Newest Cabin Around

Just opened is Sawyer’s Cabin located 15 minutes Southeast of Asheville. We are proud to present it as a custom built work of carpentry art with 7 different species of wood on the interior. It takes an experienced carpenter to know which woods are right for the job and we had two of them on this project. In fact, Jeff is the owner, the [ MORE » ]

Seeking that Heart-Shaped Tub near Asheville?

It’s no easy task to get a tub like this in a cabin but Silver Lining Cabin near Asheville and the Biltmore Estate has one. Not oblong, not triangular, but a true heart-shaped tub installed for romance in mind in our new Asheville cabin in the woods. How did you do that? First you have to persuade the high-quality MTI luxury tub maker to [ MORE » ]
Seeking that Heart-Shaped Tub near Asheville?
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Master Bedroom Sawmill Slab Headboard

6 Reasons to Choose a “Green” Vacation Rental

In this day of the importance of seriously caring for the earth and making responsible environmental choices, you want to choose a vacation rental that was built with that kind of respect, don’t you?   Reason #1 Part of being on a vacation is smelling the fresh air…both inside the home and outside. You don’t want to be breathing outgassing of home furnishings, toxic [ MORE » ]
6 Reasons to Choose a “Green” Vacation Rental
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